Practice Assignment

We are a part of Learnmixer project and we want to create best conditions for students in learning process. The main goal is to re-design the e-textbook since the usage of paper books in Estonia will be replaced with digital books and electronic devices. Since our challenge is to design and develop a tablet or mobile application for students 7-11 years old, we defined our values as simple and fun. We want children to motivate them to study and use our service easily and quickly. That is why we have an idea to add awards and gamification to our part of project. Also funny reminders and notification system can help students in study process.

Who is our client?
Our customers are elementary schools in Estonia, and the users are 7-11 years old students at those elementary schools.

What’s their problem/need/wish?
The customers’ problem is that it is hard to introduce and use e-learning environment includes e-textbooks effectively because the cost is expensive and there is no one concrete and universal application and service for learning environment although there are many developing devices, applications and services which are made for education using at school.

What do we offer?
What we offer to schools is a mobile application of e-textbook and e-learning environment for students.

Why should client choose our product or service?

Since our application and service can work on any operating system and devices, schools or students do not need to purchase new specific devices. Moreover, the clients can reduce budget for e-textbook with our service.

How will we monetize it?

Learnmixer is an OpenSource and free for everyone. This is a university project.

Group Members: Vita,Lutffu,Khawaja,Ken,Yang


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