Assignment 2.1 (ifi7156)

Interactive lecture entertains student

Gert, a 3rd year student at Tallinn European School, comes to school with his smartphone, and lecturer comes afterwards. She has a laptop, which she uses to connect to the projector and log on to LearnMix. Today the class studies History. The lecturer asks students to open the collection of the Second World War on LearnMixer, a mobile application for e-textbooks. Gert opens and starts reading the collection “the Second World War”, which teacher created by putting study materials yesterday. It’s the best way to study, Gert thinks. He sees some old photos of the war and some charts that show how much weapons and resources had been used during the war in the collection. After those, he watches a video recorded during the war, and he is so excited so that he puts “Like” on the video. After that lecturer shows the video on projector. The whole class watches it.
As second half of the lecture, the students are divided into groups and they solve 3 assignments to practice. Gert starts to discuss and try solve those questions with his groupmate. Every group has a racing car, and every right answer to the question means the car gets one more kilometers ahead. Gert always likes the game with cars because he can see his group’s progress. In the end of the lesson, the winner, which is Gert’s group, gets a badge and all the students can see ratings of how they compare against other groups. Gert is very excited about it.
After Gert goes back home, he watches a video and reads the text again with his smartphone. Then he finds a mistake in the collection, and leaves a comment on the collection to let the lecturer know.

– Is there something would you like to change in this scenario?
– Can you relate any of children to that scenario from around you or your relatives?
– Did scenario wake up any ideas?
– Do you think children would participate more with this system?
– What is the main advantage of LearnMixer?


3 thoughts on “Assignment 2.1 (ifi7156)

  1. I like the whole scenario in general. Very good job!

    There are several things I would like to point out.
    – First, according to your scenario, Gert watches the first video on his own. I think it’s much better option if this video would be showed on a projector, so the entire group watches the same video.
    – Seeing an interactive information at the tablet is good. I think the best use of it is to let children open these materials while the teacher showcases them on the projector – it enables children to double-check the information on their own tablet and keep it there until they grasp all the info.
    – Keeping students motivated by introducing gamification elements – badges, achievements, scores etc. – is a good move. I like it! Take a look at Khan Academy’s gamification elements for more inspiration!
    – Letting students to identify mistakes and contribute to the document in gereral is a very good idea because it lets children get the feeling of contributing to something bigger.

    Yes, I think children would participate more with this system if you manage to include all these awesome gamification elements into the system. It is important to keep learning materials interactive – balancing video content, quizzes, group and individual assignments.

    Main advantage of a LearnMixer is it’s flexibility – if you manage to do it so – to be used at different classrooms and different contexts.


  2. The scenario seems realistic and previous comment has already provided many great thoughts. I would like to add that, there is really nice touch to the scenario, where student is still motivated to learn after he goes home. Also one interesting thing that came in mind was that, it would be awesome if children could somehow choose tasks based on their skill level. Sometimes tasks are too difficult for some children and to easy/boring for others. Or if I look from the gamification side like you, it could be also somehow linked to it: more difficult = more points.


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