Assignment 2.1 (ifi7156)

What student needs for studying is only smartphone

Karolina is a 9th grade elementary school student in Tallinn. In her school, all the students use LearnMixer, a mobile application for e-textbooks, on their smartphones or tablets in the lectures. She always keeps her smartphone by her side wherever she goes. There is going to be a midterm examination in one week.

However, she has forgot about the examination, and makes a plan to visit her grandmother in Tartu with her parents in the weekend. On the way to Tartu, she notices that she has the examination, however, has not taken any study materials for her subjects at all. Luckily, she has her smartphone as always. LearnMixer allows her to access to the collections of the study materials include texts, videos and statistics. Then she looks through her learning history, and finds out that English and History are her weak subjects. Thus, she starts reading collections related to the subjects. She focused on the highlighted parts and notes her took during the lecture. She also resolves problems teachers gave her as in class assignments. Even during she is enjoying the sun by a lake, she also enjoys watching some videos related to the examination.

Although she has been worried especially about English and History examinations, as a consequence of her study with LearnMixer on her travel, she successfully gets good marks. If there was no LearnMixer on her smartphone, she could not prepare for the examinations.


  • Does the scenario generate any thoughts?
  • Do you feel that the scenario is realistic enough?
  • Is there any part which should be described with more details?
  • Could you imagine to be the student in scenario?

3 thoughts on “Assignment 2.1 (ifi7156)

  1. I think that it is really important to make it possible to learn, no matter where you physically are. From my experience, I remember that I often had to wait for school bus and had free time, but I didn’t always carry around all textbooks. Sometimes I even took pictures with my smartphone from pages from textbook, just to not carry the textbook with me. If I could have used the app, from where I could get access to my textbook and also to notes and even better, if I could renew or add some notes, that would have made my life easier.


  2. The scenario seems to be realistic as application provides access to all the aspects of school studies including study materials, statistics and grades. It makes studying an interesting and involving process at the same time accessable everywhere and at any moment of time. It gives Karolina the opportunity not to bring heavy bag full of books to the bus. Being an interactive system it allows to do home assignments directly in the system(as I understood) and to get useful comments of the teacher and classmates. This application seems to be a great tool making studies easy and interesting.


  3. The scenario is truly realistic and I can reflect the story on my own experience, so I can image being a student in this particular scenario.

    Is there any part which should be described with more details? Yes. I feel that the description of how Karolina finds out that History and English seem to be her weak subjects should be conveyed in more detail because it is not clear what aspects Karolina pays attention to when identifying these subjects as being weak points. To clarify my idea, is Karolina looking for marks to identify weak subjects, or what if she doesn’t care about marks, but she identifies that History is her weak subject because she didn’t complete many quizzes, thus she understands that she needs to take a better grasp on the subject? So, it would be indeed could to explicate what criteria students usually look for when identifying theirs subject’s progress.

    As an inspiration for you, I would recommend you to check out already existing mobile applications for studying massive open online courses (MOOCs), such as Udacity ( and Coursera ( These two companies put a lot of effort to bring e-education to a new level, and the way they present materials online in a mobile app is definitely worth checking out! Also, I definitely recommend your team members to sign up for some online courses to understand what collections of materials are presented online by teachers. Look for,, and
    Good scenario, to wrap up!


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