Assignment 2.1 (ifi7156)

Young student can manage everything by herself

Laura is a 1st grade elementary school student in Tallinn. In most of the lectures, she uses paper-textbook, notebooks and pencil as other students do. The students have to place their smartphones and tablets in the teacher’s desk, and are not allowed to use during the lectures.

One day, in a mathematics class, she notices that she forgot to bring her textbook and notebook. Therefore she has to ask her classmate to share his textbook. It was uncomfortable for both of them especially during working some math problems. She also feels sorry to her classmate. Actually, she often forgets to bring her study materials or doing her assignments. It is hard for her, a 7 years old young girl who just started studying at school, to manage study stuffs such as assignments and textbooks without her parents’ help. However, both of her parents work, and they do not have much time to take care of her. Another her problem is that her backpack is too heavy to carry since there are too many textbooks in it.

From this year, her school starts introducing LearnMix, which is e-learning system includes e-textbooks, and stops using paper-textbooks. She now takes her smartphone with her to the lecture, and use an application, LearnMixer, as her textbooks. As a result, she does not need to worry about forgetting to take her textbooks any more because the application on her smartphone plays a role as hundreds of textbooks and notebooks. Moreover, LearnMixer notifies her what she has to for the courses. So, she now never forget doing her assignments. She is impressed by LearnMixer as she can manage everything with her smartphone.


  • Is this a possible story?
  • Is there something you would like to change in it?
  • How would the story continue?
  • Did the scenario generate any thoughts?

3 thoughts on “Assignment 2.1 (ifi7156)

  1. The idea of a LearnMixer app as a replacement of textbooks and notebooks is good and totally viable in my opinion. But using LearnMixer at a smartphone as a main platform at classrooms is not practical because reading texts and checking other interactive content on a small screen is not convenient, esp. for 1st grade elementary school student. But the main drawback for using smartphone as a main and only tool at classroom is inconvenience of taking notes. It is impossible to have a streamline note-taking experience with a phone.

    To my mind, having a phone app serves best as a supplementary tool for learning. If student sits in a bus and wants to recap study materials, then phone is pretty good solution indeed. But the main platform in a classroom should be tablet: its resolution enables to view content comfortably and take notes at a permissible level of comfort.


  2. I like the idea of the application as a replacement of all the books, but I don’t see the smartphone or a cheap tablet as a better solution. The reading speed of first-graders is low and they are facing the screen all day long. I don’t know if it would be better for their health, than carrying some textbooks (some textbooks often are left at school).

    I would like to add, that I like the task management part, but as I know in Estonia we have already doubled reminding of tasks for young students (from example of at least 3 schools) – they write tasks into their mandatory paper diaries and then teacher adds tasks to school learning management system (for example e-kool), where students an their parents can look them up.


  3. I found the idea of using a mobile application instead of paper textbook very convinient . As it’s said in this user scenario the children of a small age often have to carry heavy books to the class but sometimes it can affect their health badly, especially if they have any health problems. LearnMixer combines all the books and even more together.
    Moreover the students don’t have to care about the problem of forgetting to take a book because all the neccessary information is inside of their electronic devices.
    It could be nice to connect all the schools in the region to the same system to share the study materials which could make the learning process easier for teachers as well.


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