Assignment 2.1 (ifi7156)

Teacher organizes lecture with new technology

Anna-Linda is teaching for 1st grade elementary students in Tallinn. There are 20 students, who bring their smartphones or tablets, in her class. They do not use paper-textbooks but LearnMixer, a mobile application for e-textbooks. She prepares for lectures by making and distributing collections of the study materials.

To prepare for a lecture, she looks for anything relates to the lecture, such as texts, photos and videos, and puts and modifies those materials to make sense. She creates the collection mostly based on an ordinary textbook and paper-based materials, which she used to use before start using LearnMixer. However, since she wants to make lecture more fun and interactive, she puts more videos and interactive games and quizzes in the collection so that students do not get bored. She also sometimes uses collections which other teachers, even from other schools, when she finds suitable contents.

In her lectures, she often gives group assignment or game to make the lecture more interactive and to increase students’ engagement. Those who finished their tasks early are asked by her to help other students. She also connects students who are at home or traveling so that they can participate in lecture with their smartphones or tablets.

After every courses, she gives students assignments and tests. As a result, it is possible to see how each student is active and fully understands her lecture. In her next lecture, she can explain again some parts of her last lecture, which the students cannot answer or take long time to answer. If she feels that a student needs to be helped as soon as possible, she also can send a message to the student to help solving the assignment or test. Although she had been worried that some students may not her lecture, she can confirms that nobody is left behind in the class by using LearnMixer.


  • Can you imagine yourself in the role of the teacher?
  • Could you make it better from the teacher’s perspective?
  • Is this a possible story?
  • Can you imagine/guess the students activities from the scenario?

3 thoughts on “Assignment 2.1 (ifi7156)

  1. Scenario itself is realistic and totally makes sense to me. I like the fact that app enables teachers to conjure up his/her own collection of materials for every lesson, or choose a collection prepared by some other teacher, which is a really good feature in the app! One remark regarding “putting interactive games into the collection”: how does the process technically happens? Does the teacher selects a game from an available list of games, or somehow generates a new one?

    I can indeed imagine myself in the role of the teacher. It’s good that the teacher has an option to choose already made collections. Could I make it better from teacher’s perspective? Well, in the scenario itself the teacher makes everything pedagogically logical, in my opinion. So I think I have nothing to add there.

    I like the fact that tests and quizzes are given after the lecture to reinforce the understanding of concepts. Chatting feature is also viable and makes sense to me. I can suggest adding a feature that would enable students to request help from teachers, in some kind of form.


  2. Great idea to connect students who are not in the classroom, but as a teacher I think it can be quite difficult to manage full classroom of students and some students who for example are ill and need help with some of the tasks. I think if there would be a connection, it would be one-way – only the information that is going from the classroom to remote students.

    I like the final though about getting feedback from students. I find that as a teacher, it is difficult to get realistic feedback – you can’t just ask them if they understood the topic. Small test/assignments do the work usually.

    I don’t feel positive about messaging a student to help them solve a task during the lesson. I think that the possibility that students can communicate to teacher is really good, but somehow I think that it is more effective to help students by using other communication, like talking or explaining face-to-face. From the other hand, sharing links to helpful materials using messaging service could be in some cases useful.


  3. LeanMixer as an application highly improves the study process making it better entertainment rather than a boring lecture. I like that it allows to create interactive connection between the student and the teacher and analyzing all the actions of a student teacher can find out where the problem is and to give immediate respond to the student as well as improve study materials to avoid these understanding problems next time.
    It makes really convinient that the students who are sick or for any other reason can’t present on the lecture still have an possibility to study together with other students and not to miss any information being explained at the class.
    LearnMixer also improves the system of knowledge control. Providing the test at the end of each lecture on the application it’s easier to collect statistics and make an emphasize on the weakest points next time to improve the progress.


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