GA 2.2 Scenario-based design session (IFI7156)

Design Session Summary

Date: 25.02.2015
Duration: 1 hour (11:00-12:00)
Designer: Kensuke Shimode from LearnMixer
Participants: researchers on educational technology

Scenario 1 Young student can manage everything by herself
feedback for scenario
 – too much background information
 – the girl’s problem is not relevant to the decision of introducting LearnMixer    = school decides
 – needs to describe much more about LearnMixer feature/function

feedback for idea
 – the users of LearnMixer in the first stage will be from 3rd grade, not for 1&2 grade student
   – (only from 3rd grade student use tablet at current school which use tablet for class)
 – LearnMixer should focus on learning materials, not on e-learning platform
   = avoid overlap but coexist with eKool
   (eg. assigning homework and homework reminder are done by eKool)
 – two ways to take note during class: taking picture and typing comment on collection
 – “Like” function should be included in LearnMixer
 – video/photo/game. will be embedded in collection not as file but as link

Scenario 2 Teacher organizes lecture with new technology
 – the scenario is about “LearnMix” web application, not “LearnMixer” mobile application

Scenario 3 Interactive lecture entertains student
feedback for scenario
 – lesson style in the scenario is traditional/old-fashioned
 – History class in Estonia starts from 5th grade, and WW2 is taught around at 7th grade
 – should clearly state that the game is embedded, not another learning game application

feedback for idea
 – typical lesson in Estonia for young student is not “lecture” style
   (eg. 10 minutes lecture + 30+ minutes workbook/game)
 – needs to think with new way of using textbook
   (suggestion: flipped classroom)
   =>should be based on 5 LearnMix pedagogical scenarios
 – student can make problems, and others solve it (joint contribution)
   (eg. embed game making application to collection (*put a link of the game))

Scenario 4 What student needs for study is only smartphone
feedback for scenario
 – no mid-term examination in Estonia
 – examination is from 8th grade
 – learning history part should be described with more details

feedback for idea
 – marks(grades) cannot be accessed from LearnMixer
   – (because eKool has it and will not accept LearnMixer to access the information)
 – there must be possibility to download and make materials available offline
 – how a student access/use content such as comments other students make/put (=social annotation)
   – should it be available with mobile application? or only from web application?
   – *basic of collection is made by teacher, and should be completed by co-creation of student
 – we have to think about how teacher shares content which a student made to other students
 – notes(/comments) student make can be shown as a dot, which student can open and see the notes
 – need to think about tablet interface as well
 – recommendation for interface of collection: iTunesU and inkling
 – *format of collection will be ePub3
 – *format of quiz will be IMS Question and Test Interoperability Specification


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