Practise Assignment 2


Analogs: analogs – successful predecessors worth mimicking in some way.

Antilogs: antilogs – predecessors (whether successful or not) – compared to which one explicitly decides to do things differently.

LearnMixer is a application on tablet or mobile designed and developed about E-textbook for students 7-11 years old. About the analogs and antilogos in this domain, there is one eKool (eSchool) which focus on improving the learning and teaching experience on education. There are some functions are almost overlapped with LeranMixer. But, the main point different, mostly the eKool customers are parents, which its one of the apps version charged. And the users include schools, pupils and parents, even GOV or some companies. LearnMixer’s primary customer is eesti GVE, and some other countries which also need it. So , as the different  customers then the problems they concentrated are different as well. The main point of eKool that this service is free for everyone included pupils, teachers, parents,school and Gov. Furthermore if the parents have more special requirements they can purchase the charged version app. That’s what this product focus on the problem, which is from the point parents care they children all the activities in school and want to easy and immediately to reach all the information about that. Actually eKool is working well on let schools and students easy to follow the developing information and new study&social surroundings, which is the major concern especially for Estonian this kind of ” IT country”. So,for government, LearnMixer focus on the problems are paper usage and immediately authority reporting and statistic gathering. The paper usage already became the big problem as for protect environment. And Gov also need to find a easy and effective channel to improve educational situation by survey and statistic analysis ect.



Government have to make change to reduce the paper usage for protect the environment.

Government doesn’t trust new technological product.


Government implements to reduce the paper usage by universally delivering electric-textbook to schools.

Government trust the new technological Product.


We can built a digital product replace the traditional paper book.

And the product works well than paper books.


Problem hypothesis example:

We believe people like Gov. have a need for (or problem doing) to believe a new digital product can work well than the traditional paper book.

We will know we have validated this when we see all the pupils trust it and use it well.

Solution hypothesis example:

We believe that people like Gov. will solve their problem by trusting new digital product can works well.

We will know we have validated this when we see the product is universally works well and replace the paper book.

Implementation hypothesis example:

We believe our company can provide solution by offer a digital product which are suitable for pupils study and can cover all the study need.

We will know we have validated this when we see the product universally works well and mostly replace the paper book.



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