LearnMixer Paper prototype 

Task 1 Playing a video

1. Log in to the application
2. Open Collection 5 of Mathematics course.

3. Play one random youtube video

Feedback:  Working flow is simple and logical, but the login page should be added the information about the application like LOGO. Collections should have the order and date on the list. Need a Help button. 

Feedback: There needs to be easy layout for the “Collections” page. The navigation on the right side of the collection, should contain which chapter has video or picture etc. Scrollable paper prototype needed.

Feedback:  Log in system is too official for kids.

Test flow:

Task 2 Highlighting text(s)
1. Open Collection 2 of Math course
2. Choose one reading material in the collection

3. highlight any sentence(s)/word(s) with yellow color  

Feedback: Need a remove hightlight button

Feedback: “Cancel” and “Save” buttons needed on pop-up windows in collections.

Test flow:

Task 3 Finding a private photo I put as a note
1. Find a photo which I put during English class on yesterday.

2. View the note of photo  

Feedback:  Scrollable pages needed.

Test flow:


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