Testing the paper prototypes

We recreated the paper prototypes for smartphone screen size and improved design and functions based on feedback which we got in class last week although not all the functions have been finished yet.

We tested five university students by giving 3 tasks and asked to explore the application after completing the tasks. Unfortunately we have not got chance to test targeted group, 1-4th year elementary students, however, we will do it in the near future.

WP_20150323_008   WP_20150322_005

Summary of tasks:

  1. Making an annotation (login ~ home ~ open subject collection ~ open a lesson collection ~ make a text annotation)
  2. Text search (home ~ open subject collection ~ open a lesson collection ~ text search ~ result)
  3. Reviewing activities (home ~ open history ~ jump to activities yesterday ~ open a photo annotation in a collection)

Most commonly appeared issues:

  • List of collections need to be improved. (eg. gridview, preview of the contents, number of contents inside, new comment notification)
  • Function/usage of annotation gallery and history need to be clarified.
  • Annotation options needs to be improved. (eg. video and audio, uploading/taking photo)
  • Message function has to be clear. (classmate&teacher list may be needed)
  • Icon needs to be clear. (design)
  • Search function should be clear. (search, text-search and history-search..)

Appeared issues and feedback 1:

  • Homepage searching results should include text in lesson collection (eg. …is a personal objective…)
  • User reviews his/her past activities mostly from annotation gallery not from history
  • User wants to see what assignment I have to do and I have done with deadline.
  • Creating photo note button should be divided into taking photo and uploading photo from my library.
  • User wants to message from classmate/teacher list.

Appeared issues and feedback 2:

  • Icon design should be clearer or icon should be with explanation.
  • List of lesson collections should be not listview but gridview for young kids.
  • User wants voice and/or video note.

Appeared issues and feedback 3:

  • Annotation icon design on navigation bar can mislead and should be changed.
  • It should be clear to open annotation popup.
  • Searching button on the top should be like textbox shows up when user click search button.
  • Annotation gallery can be divided to “text gallery” “photo gallery” and “drawing gallery”. But, one page with chronological order of all kinds of annotation is better.
  • User wants to see a number of chapter/contents and comment on list of lesson collections.
  • User wants to see new comment budge notification on list of collections.
  • Classmate list should be on homepage.
  • Message should be like Whatsapp messenger app.

Appeared issues and feedback 4&5:

  • If 4 years old cousin (of the participant) tries the task, she will make it.
  • Video can be another option to make annotation.
  • History of one week is too much for young kids such as 1st year students although it is good for older students like high school students.
  • User wants reminder function like “you have an assignment “~~~” for tomorrow” (= ekool?)
  • Each lesson collection on list of collections should have brief summary or preview.

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