Market size (TAM, SAM, SOM)

Total Addressable Market (TAM)  Everyone we wish to reach with our product.

We believe that Learnmixer is for all primary and secondary school students around the world who have a smartphone or tablet.  So, we define the major target group as primary and secondary schools in developed countries.
Here are some numbers of students, enrolled in primary and secondary education in developed countries in year 2012:
Primary schools: 64 541 804
Lower secondary 39 663 519
Upper secondary 38 496 268
Total: 142701591 potential users
Serviceable Available Market (SAM) The portion of your TAM that you can actually address.
Currently we are focusing on primary and secondary school children in Estonia. 

Source: Eesti Hariduse Infosüsteem (EHIS)
The number of students in estonian schools in 2014/2015: 
Primary school – 42197
Secondary – 37381
Gymnasium – 21565
Total:  101143 students in Estonia.

Serviceable Obtainable Market (SOM) What is the realistic prediction of acquiring share of our SAM.
Today 85% of estonian schools and 95% of all estonian students use e-kool system, which means majority of schools are open to innovations in education and new tools that help to improve learning process. This is what we expect to achieve – 85-95% of schools in Estonia. which is about 90 000 students.


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